Short summary of the published work to date of author Yvan Figueiras Ruiz, including “Hay otros lugares… pero están en este”, a charity venture in favour of Doctors without Frontiers in which more than 40 authors collaborated

New Book! Enigmas and Mysteries from the Sea

Buques Fantasma; Desapariciones Misteriosas; Criptozoología; Faros encantados; Submarinos perdidos; Expediciones malditas

Are there rogue waves and other sea phenomena capable of engulfing a ship in seconds?
What is really the Flying Dutchman? Do Ghost Ships actually exist?
Do more ships go missing in the Bermuda Triangle than elsewhere?
What was the fate of the missing Franklin Expedition?

The sea is full of mysteries and unusual events that science has not yet been able to explain. Events that, even for seafarers or scholars, are still unknown. Since ancient times, many legends about the enigmas of the oceans have been passed from generation to generation and, although some have been classified as mere myths, others continue to put the scientific community in check.

The purpose of the author, a professional sailor and diver himself, is none other than to analyze many of the most famous arcana that occurred in the seven seas from the perspective of healthy skepticism.

In these pages we will discover that much of what we think we know is nothing more than noise that diverts our attention from the real unknowns. We will embark on an amazing journey to the ocean depths to discover all its immensity. Embark. You will never see the ocean the same way again

The Jack the Ripper Letters

We put in context the most important letters attributed to Jack the Ripper: the one received on September 24, the "Dear Boss" letter, the "Saucy Jacky" postcard and, of course, the sinister "From Hell", which came accompanied of half a human kidney.

Were any of them written by the infamous Whitechapel and Spitalfields killer?

You can find more information in my work "Jack el Destripador: caso abierto (Jack the Ripper: open case)", from Odeon publishing

We hope you will be entertained and informed!


Presentation in Vitoria-Gasteiz of the book R.M.S. Titanic

We want to start a series of videos in pur YouTube channel about our favorite topics and nothing better than to do it with de Titanic and the presentation of the book R.M.S. Titanic that took place in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

The great investigator of misteries in the Basque Country Enrique Echazarra is the one doing the introduction.
R.M.S. Titanic presented by Enrique Echazarra

Presentation in Zaragoza of "Jack the Ripper: open case"

Presentation in Zaragoza of the essay book Jack the Ripper: open case, written by Yvan Figueiras Ruiz and winner of the VII International Prize of History Juan Antonio Cebrián.

Accompaning us is the always great Carlos Ollés.

Presentation in Zaragoza of "Jack the Ripper: open case"

Jack the Ripper: open case

Jack el Destripador: caso abierto is the most comprehensive investigation work in spanish about the crimes that terrorized London's Eat End in the fall of 1888.

Nowadays we know the profiles of these women that became victims of a double edged sword: the victorian society that marginalized them and turned them into pariahs, leaving them to suffer alcoholism, misery and forced prostitution; and the hand of a killer that used the gutters of that same society to murder them freely.

The work, winner of the VII Juan Antonio Cebrián Prize, dives into the crime scenes turning the spotlight on the suspects files, evidence, press report of the era, victims' biographies, social context and the most recent investigations, turning the reader into a real detective.