Saqqara Funerary Complex

The immense complex at Saqqara was built by the architect, mathematician and doctor –he would be later even deified– Imhotep, under orders of the pharaoh Zoser, during the III Dynasty. Along the beautiful Stepped Pyramid –the inspiration of the upcoming egyptian pyramids– we could admire the reliefs and paintings of several tombs open to the public and –if we are lucky– explore the interior of faraoh Unas’ pyramid.

Although it may not be easy securing a permit, we recommend to visit the Serapeum, one of the most –if not the most– misterious places in Egypt. A tunnel complex where dozens of gargantuan sarcophagus are stored, supposedly used for mummification of sacred ox. The problem is that when they managed to move the lids of the sarcophagus, there was nothing to be found in the inside…