La Escóbula de la Brújula – Evanescent Islands and Ships

There are islands that seen to play cat and mouse with sailors. Islands that are inscribed in maps for a long time untiel it is confirmed that they do not really exist. On occasion they are called “ghost islands”, the same that happens to boats and ships with crews that vanish without leaving a trace, creating al kind of speculation.

To dive deep into these amazing topics, we talk to the writer and commercial diver Yvan Figueiras, author of the book “Enigmas y Misterios de la Mar”, who will tell us about the Caleuche, the mysterious freighter Ourang Medan or the adventures of the ship-of-the-line San Telmo in Anctarctica

In the department of islands we couldn’t miss Saint Brendan, the 8th o 9th of the Canary Archipelago, Sandy Island or the Auroras.  Fernando López del Oso will tell us about pumice isles in the Pacific Ocean and Carlos Canales will mention islet Podestá and Ferdinandea, a volcanic island submerged (or not) in the Mediterranean.



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Titanic Myths – Dimensión Límite

In a few weeks there’s going to be a surprise around one of our favourite topics, R.M.S. Titanic.

For the time being, as an appetizer you can listen to the progrm we dedicated in Dimensión Límite to the many myths about the Titanic. Many… and very false. After that we’ll talk with the great Mikel Navarro about the transportation means used in the Star Wars universe, although –as always– it degenerates into something… different.


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La Rosa de los Vientos – Interview about Aaron Kosminski

Aaron Kosminski

It seems we have the last try to pull our leg with pseudo news related to Jack the Ripper. This time they try to sells us that the case is solved: Aaron Kosminski is the East End murderer. Heck, no! Between the great Silvia Casasola and I we try to demosntrate that this is not true in La Rosa de los Vientos, last sunday. You can listen to the excerpt of the program here:


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