First Solidarity Congress of the Unusual – Science & Fiction

During the I Jornadas Solidarias de lo Insólito (First Solidarity Congress of the Unusual that took place in Logroño, Mikel Navarro and Yvan Figueiras had the chance to get together again for a new “Science and Fiction”, thanks to La Rioja Social Integrators Association and the Ibercaja Center.

We thank the numerous people that came and that also contributed with a huge amount of toys, so that many boys and girls could have a better Christmas.

As always, Dimension Limite and solidarity holding hands together.

Now in a single vídeo.

Premonitions in cinema: what they told us and in fact happened

From Submarines to Creatures from the Abyss – Science & Fiction

Presented by the omnipresent David Cuevas, Dimension Limite’s team had the oportunity to get together during the II  Solidarity Symposium of the Mistery that took place in Pozuelo de Alarcon, where Mikel Navarro and Yvan Figueiras could record our last “Ciencia y Ficcion” (Science and Fiction).

Apart from David and the public, we’d also like to thank Manuel Carballal for his work in the “fish bowl”.