Sputnik 2 and Laika – Space Race 1957

A month after changing history with their Sputnik, Soviet engineers, led by Sergei Korolev, once again surprised the world. This time it was not a simple ball with a radio; they had managed to put a living being into orbit: the dog Laika.

We will learn how and why it was decided to sacrifice Laika at the same time that we will clarify some of the myths and lies that even today continue to hide what really happened before and after the Sputnik 2 mission.

Laika was not –far from it– the first living being to reach space, which is not the same as entering orbit. We will know something about other animals, such as monkeys or dogs that were released beyond the Karman line before the Russian dog; some managed to return, although many were not so lucky.

Laika had led the way. It wouldn’t take long for her to be followed by a human.