Apollo Lunar Mission (Part III) – from the Moon to the Earth

We have reached the Moon! Now it’s time to get out of the ship and explore. Or as they say in jargon: extravehicular activity. We’ll take some samples, plant the flag (yes, the one that does NOT wave) and do a little science.

Missions 15 to 17 carried a lunar rover, which allowed them to expand their exploration radius; We will see how such a curious vehicle worked. After finishing our activity, we just have to pack up our gear, do some last minute science… and return to Earth.

We will learn what it was like to take off from the Moon, the rendezvous in orbit with the Command and Service Module (CSM) and the return trip. To round it off, the infernal re-entry, the splashdown… and the ticker tape parade.

Now that we have seen the end, next week we will start at the beginning: Sputnik.

See you up there!