Mikey Houdini. Obviamente, el del pelo corto
Mikey Houdini. Obviamente, el del pelo corto
Rescue exercise in Zierbena (Spain)
Ejercicio de rescate en Zierbena

This is the personal web site of Yvan Figueiras-Ruiz, writer –winner of the I and the VII International Prizes of Historical Divulgation Juan Antonio Cebrián, commercial diver, sonar technician in submarines, photographer and graphic designer, as well as being a collaborator of the Radio Nacional de España program Espacio en Blanco and a member of the remembered radio show Dimensión Límite or Ángulo 13.

The site is created as a photo portfolio, with special emphasis on pictures os my voyages, like the Pacific Ocean crossing that the crew of the  SV White Pigeon managed to accomplish in 2018, Easter Island, Cape Horn, Namibia, the Middle East o any other place on Earth that I’ve had the pleasure to travel to.

In the section dedicated to my literary work there a some synopsis of the books I’ve had published: Los Enigmas de la Isla de Pascua, R.M.S. TitanicJack el Destripador: caso abierto and the recent Enigmas y Misterios de la Mar. I don’t want to forget to mention one of my hobbies: home robotics.

In the blog there are also links to my participation in several media, specially radio and the videos that i upload to my YouTube channel.

We are working in a series of photography tutorials to show our visitors some of the least know techniques: freezing the explosion of a balloon, turning water into smoke… even catching the Milky Way o projecting an image INSIDE a water drop.

If you need help in the creation o maintenance of your web page, you can write to us in the contact section.

Thanks for visiting our site. We hope that the continuous renovations aren’t too annoying.

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