La Rosa de los Vientos – Interview about Aaron Kosminski

Aaron Kosminski

It seems we have the last try to pull our leg with pseudo news related to Jack the Ripper. This time they try to sells us that the case is solved: Aaron Kosminski is the East End murderer. Heck, no! Between the great Silvia Casasola and I we try to demosntrate that this is not true in La Rosa de los Vientos, last sunday. You can listen to the excerpt of the program here:


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Jack the Ripper: case open

Jack el Destripador: caso abierto es el dossier de investigación más completo sobre los crímenes que tiñeron de sangre el barrio londinense de Whitechapel durante todo un otoño de terror. Hoy conocemos los perfiles de aquellas mujeres que fueron víctimas de un arma de doble filo: la sociedad que las marginó relegándolas al alcohol, la miseria y la prostitución; y la mano del asesino que aprovechó las cloacas de la sociedad de la época para asesinar impunemente. La obra, merecedora del VII Premio Juan Antonio Cebrián, se adentra en la escena del crimen poniendo sobre la mesa fichas de sospechosos, evidencias, recortes de prensa, perfiles de las víctimas, contexto social y las más recientes investigaciones, convirtiendo al lector en el auténtico detective.

Kom Ombo Temple

Sunset at Kom Ombo
Sunset at Kom Ombo

The Kom Ombo temple, built in the ptolemaic period is remarkable for being the only doble temple in Egypt, with its north side consecrated to Haroeris and the southern to the crocodile god Sobek.

Kom Ombo was a place where medicine and surgery were practiced, with such a skill that even today seems surprising. Its reliefs of medical instruments, including a stethoscope in one of the back chapels are very famed throughout the egyptological world.

 If you see a bunch of cobras near the temple, don’t worry. They are quite harmless.


Denderah Temple

Sunset at Denderah

The Denderah temple –consecrated to the cow goddess Hathor– is one of the less frequented, in spite of its importance and its pristine state of preservation, of the whole Egypt, mainly because of being so far from the mainstream tourist tours.

It is known for the horoscope that covers the ceiling of one of its chapels and specially for being home of the famous “Denderah Lightbulb”. The latter is a bas relief in which many people see a modern light bulb, although orthodox egyptologists postulate that is the mash up of a djed pillar and a lotus flower with a snake inside of it.